About Us

Your home is your safe place, or at least, it should be. It is meant to be a place to make happy memories, relax and forget about the world for a while. However, we all know that, most of the time, the reality is quite the opposite. Our homes become a place of unnecessary stress.


We all need time and energy for work, friends, family and our own personal development. However, there’s one area that demands a lot from us physically and mentally but it doesn’t need to be done by ourselves: cleaning.


If you are the person responsible for most of the cleaning in your household, you will know exactly what this is about.


Many times you find yourself wanting to go hiking, going to your kids’ soccer games, and hanging out with your friends but instead you have carpet floors that require vacuuming and kitchen appliances waiting for a deep cleaning.


We understand that time is the most limited resource we have and we try to do the best we can with it.


This is what compelled me to find and build Guelph Maids.


My name is Greg Shepard and I’m the owner of Dallas Maids, a cleaning business in Dallas. With over 20 years of experience in the cleaning business, I wanted to expand our services to Canada with Guelph Maids.


Guelph Maids is a professional maid and cleaning service currently serving the Guelph area. We focus on residential cleaning and housekeeping.


Yes, we have a mission, which is to leave your home clean and shiny. But our utmost goal is to make your life easier and happier. By hiring Guelph Maids, your body, and mind won’t be exposed to long hours of cleaning. You can dedicate all that extra time and energy to your friends, family, or yourself.

The Guelph Maids Team

Behind every good service is a great team. We have three priorities during our hiring process: excellent skills, transparency, and a good heart.

Not everyone meets these 3 qualities. In fact, only around 2% of our applicants become a Guelph Maid!

Getting paid fairly for their work is one of the features of being a Guelph Maid. With their starting wage they are able to support themselves without needing to find a second job.

Second, we reward exceptional work! If thanks to your feedback we learn that our cleaners went above and beyond with their expectations, they are getting a bonus! This bonus will be even higher if you leave a comment on our social media mentioning your cleaning artists and talking about their good performance.

What Services Do We Offer?​

As we mentioned earlier, Guelph Maids is a residential house cleaning company. We have three main types of services:

You can check each one individually, or check the differences between them here.


Our cleaning process has been improved thanks to experience and feedback from our customers.


Because our time is limited, we have a default cleaning list for each type of service. Our professional cleaners cover the most areas and cleaning tasks in the shortest time possible.


However, you can always add any extras and specific instructions. Perhaps you want our cleaners to use organic cleaning products, or you want them to make your bedrooms your priority and get them extra clean and shiny.


Offering the choice of customizing your service is important to us. We know that your cleaning needs might change on special occasions, and our goal is to deliver the service you need each day.

Why Are We Different?

Our focus on making our customers happy is what makes us different. Offering an excellent cleaning service is just one of the components, but there’s so much more behind that.


First, we want our service to be enjoyable and easy from the get go. You can complete our booking process in 1 minute, add as many extras and instructions as you’d like, and that’s it!


We will check with you before our cleaners arrive, and follow-up after cleaning to ensure you have a 5-star experience.


Our quality assurance tracks our customer service to ensure it stays top-notch and that our customers feel listened to and that they are having their cleaning needs met.


We have a strict hiring process to find cleaning artists that are great at their job, respectful of customers and teammates. We appreciate them as team members and as individuals.


Guelph Maids will be happy to help you with your cleaning needs. We know every household comes with different needs.


The best part is, by checking our booking page, you will get an accurate estimate of your customized cleaning service without even having to contact us!


Also, check our FAQ and our contact page if you need more info or want to give feedback, our customer service is always happy to assist you.


And if you’re ready to try Guelph Maids, just click below!