Our Cleaning Services

With Guelph Maids, you have a wide variety of professional cleaning services in the surrounding area of Guelph, Ontario.


Sometimes, you need a regular cleaning service to take care of the essential areas in your home. Other times, you have a special event or reunion and you want your home to be deep cleaned from top to bottom.


Each household works differently as well, which means that you probably want them to focus on different areas and surfaces.


In this page you will find why these areas should be cleaned in the first place, and how the exceptional cleaning services of Guelph Maids are going to help you with it.

Kitchen & Eating Area

For most people, the kitchen is truly the heart of a home. However, it does demand a lot of cleaning and maintenance, especially because it is the area where you prepare food for your family.


Your kitchen has a lot of potential issues. First, with daily use you will have dirty countertops, cookware and cabinets. Don’t worry, our standard house cleaning service will take care of this by cleaning countertops, disinfecting the sink and mopping floors.


Second, it also accumulates grease with time, especially around your appliances. With our Move-In and Move-Out cleaning service, your kitchen appliances will be cleaned inside out.

Your kitchen accumulates grease with time. Photography: Henry Kobutra / Unsplash

Living & Sleeping Area

This is the place where your family and friends gather and, for obvious reasons, it gets dirty quickly. Between your pets and kids jumping around your couch, dirt from your shoes sticking to your rugs or carpet floors and the occasional drink spilling, your living area can become messy very fast.


The same goes for your bedrooms. If you have noticed your allergies have gone up or you don’t sleep well at night, it might be because of dust mites, lint and microbes floating around.


A professional cleaning company will get your living room and bedrooms clean and tidy for you. They will vacuum your furniture and floors, wipe flat areas and picture frames and remove the trash.


If you hire a Deep Cleaning Service, they will also clean knick-knacks, ceiling fans, and door frames.

A nice bedroom is always clean and fresh. Photography: Isaac Martin / Unsplash

Bathroom Cleaning

Even though your bathroom is a small area with just a few components, it is one of the most dreaded areas when it comes to cleaning.



Besides, they are rooms with high humidity and it’s challenging to remove water marks, stains caused by mildew, and hard water residues in your shower and sink faucets.


But don’t worry! With a Standard Cleaning Service, your bathroom will look brand new. Guelph Maids will clean and sanitize your sink, your toilet, your shower doors, walls.


If you choose a Deep Cleaning Service, we will take care of baseboards, cabinets, and even scrub tile grout.


And if you’re moving in or out, we will also clean light fixtures and ceiling fans, and even remove fingerprints!

If you are moving out, Guelph Maids will even clean light fixtures in your bathroom! Photography: Claus Grunstaudl / Unsplash

Other Cleaning Services

As you can see, our three main services will be more than enough to get your home cleaned and sanitized.


However, every home is different and has particular cleaning needs. Guelph Maids also has additional cleaning services to help you fulfill those cleaning needs while you spend quality time with your family.


Perhaps your kitchen cabinets haven’t been cleaned for months and you need to wipe them clean. Or, you might need a window cleaning inside out. Maybe you have an extra living room or small office that needs to be vacuumed and disinfected.


On our booking page you can select all these extra services, and you can give special instructions for your cleaning process to our cleaning team.


Don’t wait any longer to book one of the best house cleaning services in Guelph, Ontario with Guelph Maids. We are more than ready to leave your home cleaner than ever!