The Best Window Cleaning Tools for Faster and Easier Cleaning

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Hi everyone! Welcome again to the Guelph Maids blog. Windows are an important part of any home or office, as they allow the passage of natural light and ventilation. However, they are also easily soiled by dust, rain, insects, and other stains. That’s why it is necessary to clean them periodically to keep them in good condition and improve the appearance of the environment.


But do you really know what tools are needed to clean windows effectively and without damaging them? In this article, we present the best window cleaning tools, how to choose them, and some professional tips for effective cleaning.


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Tips for Choosing the Best Window Cleaning Tools

Best window cleaning tools

When it comes to choosing the best tools for cleaning windows, it’s important to consider several factors. Here are some tips to make an informed decision:


  1. Opt for high-quality cleaning products from recognized brands.
  2. Consider the functionality of each cleaning tool.
  3. Choose tools that can be used on different surfaces and types of windows, prioritizing versatility and usefulness for various purposes.
  4. Opt for window cleaning supplies that are easy to handle and use.
  5. Look for tools designed to withstand wear and frequent use.
  6. Evaluate the relationship between the quality of the tools and their price.

1. Squeegees and Window Cleaners

Squeegee for window cleaning

Squeegees and window cleaners are essential for achieving a perfect window cleaning as they efficiently remove water and streaks, saving time and providing professional results. 


They are versatile tools that can be used on various surfaces, helping to maintain the appearance of windows and extend their lifespan. Therefore, below we will discuss the best types of squeegees for professional window cleaning.

Double-Sided Window Cleaning Squeegee

This squeegee is designed to efficiently clean windows from both inside and outside without having to change positions. It has an ergonomic handle and a double-sided rubber blade that allow you to clean effortlessly.

Spray Bottle with Integrated Squeegee

This squeegee features a water reservoir and an integrated spray bottle in the handle. You can spray water onto the window while cleaning, which helps loosen dirt and makes the cleaning task easier. 


Additionally, the high-quality rubber blade ensures a streak-free finish. This option is perfect if you’re looking for a convenient and quick solution for cleaning indoor windows.

Extensible Cleaning Squeegee

This squeegee has an extendable handle that allows you to reach and clean high or hard-to-access windows without using ladders or scaffolding. The adjustable length of the handle provides versatility and comfort during cleaning. 


Make sure to choose a squeegee with a good-quality rubber blade for optimal results. This option is recommended if you need to clean windows on upper floors or in hard-to-reach places.

Tips for Efficient and Safe Use of Squeegees

  • Use a high-quality scraper with a sharp and flexible rubber blade that adapts to the angle and pressure of cleaning.
  • Clean the scraper blade after each pass to avoid leaving marks or streaks on the glass.
  • Do not scrape dry glass or use a dirty or damaged scraper, as it could scratch or break the glass.
  • Do not use the scraper on rough surfaces or surfaces with sharp edges, as it could damage the blade or cause accidents.

2. Window Cleaning Brushes

Window cleaning brushes are important tools for effective cleaning. With their bristles they help to remove dirt and debris from windows. Therefore, we will talk about the best types of window cleaning brushes and how to use them correctly.

Window Cleaning Brush with Foam and Sponge

This type of brush combines soft bristles with a foam cleaning pad or sponge on the back. The foam or sponge can absorb water and cleaners, making it easier to apply to the window, while the soft bristles remove dirt. 


They are ideal for cleaning windows more effectively and quickly, as they combine cleaning action with absorption capacity.

Electric Window Cleaning Brush

These brushes are equipped with an electric motor that performs automatic cleaning movements. They usually have soft bristles or cleaning pads that vibrate or rotate to remove dirt from windows more quickly and efficiently. 


Some models also include a water reservoir or integrated sprayer. Electric brushes are ideal if you’re looking for more powerful and effortless cleaning.

Extendable Window Cleaning Brush

These brushes have an extendable handle that allows you to reach and clean high or hard-to-access windows without using ladders or scaffolding. 


You can find extendable brushes with soft bristles or cleaning pads on the end, allowing you to effectively clean windows from a safe position. They are ideal for cleaning windows on upper floors or in hard-to-reach places.

How to Use the Brushes Correctly for Optimal Results

  • Choose an appropriate brush for the type of window you are cleaning. 
  • Dampen the brush with water and soap or with a specific window cleaning product.
  • Do not use too much soap, as it can leave marks on the glass.
  • Pass the brush over the surface of the window with circular motions, covering the entire area.
  • Dry the window with a microfiber cloth or a rubber squeegee, following the direction of the water droplets.

3. Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths for windows

Window cleaning cloths are essential tools for achieving a polished, streak-free finish on glass, and therefore represent one of the best tools for window cleaning. These cloths have excellent absorption and retention capacity, allowing them to effectively remove dirt, grime and cleaning solutions from glass surfaces in a sustainable way.


For this reason, we will talk about the best types of window cloths and the importance of choosing the right one for the care of your windows.

Microfiber Cloths

A microfiber cloth is excellent for drying windows and any glass surface, as it is soft, absorbent, and lint-free. They are designed to trap moisture and dry surfaces efficiently. You can find microfiber towels in different sizes and thicknesses, so choose a high-quality one for better results.

Paper Towels or Absorbent Paper

These materials are cost-effective and effective options for drying windows. They are disposable and have great absorption capacity. Simply use the paper sheets to dry the window surface evenly, and make sure to change them when they become saturated with water.

Magnetic Window Cleaner with Drying Cloths

These magnetic window cleaners consist of two parts: a cleaner with a rubber blade on one side and a drying cloth on the other. They work by placing one part on the inside of the window and the other on the outside, and then moving the cleaner from the outside while controlling the movement from the inside. The drying cloth on the inside absorbs the water while you clean, leaving the window dry and streak-free.


Remember to use gentle and uniform movements when drying windows to achieve a clean and mark-free finish.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Cloth for Window Cleaning

  1. Avoiding streaks and marks: The wrong cloth can leave streaks and marks on windows, affecting their appearance and transparency. A soft and high-quality cloth will minimize the risk of streaks and ensure a clean finish.


  1. Efficient water absorption: This is essential for effectively removing water, cleaners, and moisture from the window surface. An absorbent cloth will allow quick and even drying, preventing liquid buildup and reducing the chances of water stains or marks.


  1. No lint or residue: Some cloths can leave residues on windows after cleaning. These residues can be unsightly and require additional effort to remove. Using a lint-free and residue-free cloth ensures a more efficient and hassle-free cleaning.


  1. Durability and reusability: Choosing a durable and high-quality cloth will allow you to reuse it multiple times. This will not only help you save money in the long run, but also contribute to sustainability by reducing waste generated by disposable cloths.

Precautions to Consider When Cleaning Windows

  • Use gloves and protective goggles to avoid contact with chemicals or broken glass.
  • Choose a cloudy day or a time when the sun is not directly shining on the windows to prevent them from drying too quickly and leaving marks.
  • Wipe the glass with a dry cloth or newspaper to remove any moisture residue.
  • Do not use blades, scrubbers, or abrasive products that can damage the glass or window frame.

Why you Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Service to Clean Windows

Maid cleaning windows

Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean the windows of your home can have several significant advantages:


  1. Professional experience and skill: House cleaning services often have trained and experienced personnel in window cleaning. These professionals know the best techniques, use the appropriate products and tools, and know how to effectively address different types of windows and surfaces. Their expertise ensures quality work and satisfactory results.
  2. Time and effort savings: Cleaning windows thoroughly and properly can be a time-consuming and physically demanding task. Hiring a cleaning service allows you to save that time and energy to focus on other important activities or simply enjoy your free time. 
  3. Access to specialized equipment and products: Residential cleaning services typically have access to professional cleaning equipment and products that can deliver superior results compared to household-use products. Additionally, they have access to cleaners and special solutions that can effectively remove dirt, stains, and residues.
  4. Quality results and long-lasting windows: Cleaning professionals have the knowledge and resources to perform thorough and high-quality window cleaning. By using their services, you can expect spotless windows without streaks or stains that enhance the appearance of your home.
  5. Flexibility and convenient scheduling: When hiring a house cleaning service, you can schedule visits according to your needs and preferences. You can establish a regular window cleaning schedule or schedule additional services as needed, such as before special events or after a move.

Overall, hiring a professional cleaning service for window cleaning offers expertise, time savings, access to specialized equipment and products, quality results, and flexibility in scheduling, making it a worthwhile investment for maintaining clean and sparkling windows in your home.