What Does A Maid Service Include?

what does a maid service include guelph maids

Have you wondered what happens when you enlist the services of a professional maid service like Guelph Maids? The magic that transforms your home from cluttered chaos to a haven of cleanliness isn’t just a flick of the wand. It’s a combination of dedication, skill, experience, and an understanding of what our clients’ individual needs are.

In this article, we’ll explore what a standard and deep cleaning includes. We’ll delve into the differences between deep cleaning and move in/out cleaning. Finally, you will learn the benefits of hiring a maid service with Guelph Maids, your cleaning company in Gueph, Ontario.

Standard Cleaning: Keeping Your Home Refreshed

When it comes to keeping your house neat and tidy, standard cleaning is your dependable go-to. It involves a multitude of tasks designed to maintain a clean and organized living area. But what does a standard cleaning with Guelph Maids encompass?


We begin with the basics – sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming to get rid of dust and dirt from your living spaces. Then, we move to general dusting, ensuring that your surfaces are dust-free and sparkling. This includes cleaning countertops, ceiling fans, stovetop, and drip pans. We also cater to the front of appliances, giving your kitchen a refreshed and tidy look.


In the bathroom, we pay special attention to the toilet, shower, and sink to ensure they are pristine and hygienic. Our standard house cleaning service also extends to your bedrooms, where we make the beds and remove the trash. This adds a layer of orderliness to your home.

Lady cleaning the outside of kitchen cabinets

Deep Cleaning: For That Extra Shine

While standard cleaning is excellent for regular maintenance, there are times when your home needs a little more TLC. That’s where deep cleaning comes in. Deep cleaning goes beyond the surface to reach the hard-to-clean areas, giving your home an extra shine.


Deep cleaning includes all the services offered under standard cleaning and more. We meticulously clean baseboards, door frames, and blinds, including mini blinds and shutters. We take special care to clean inside your kitchen appliances and light fixtures, ensuring they are free from accumulated grime and dust.


Bathroom cleaning is more detailed in deep cleaning. We focus on every nook and cranny, ensuring that your bathroom is spotless and germ-free. To top it off, we also include the cleaning of window seals and ledges, making sure your views are as clean as your living spaces.

In our cleaning company, you can request a free quote to schedule customized cleaning packages.”

Cleaning lady cleaning shower tiles

Understanding the Differences: Standard Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning vs Move In/Out Cleaning

The main difference between standard and deep cleaning lies in the level of detail and the areas covered. While standard cleaning takes care of your everyday cleaning needs and common areas, deep cleaning targets the hard-to-reach areas and is more detailed, especially in the bathroom.


However, if you are moving into a new home or moving out of your old one, a more thorough cleaning is required. This is where our move in/out cleaning service shines. We provide all the services offered in a deep clean, but we go a step further.


In addition to the regular deep cleaning, we clean inside cabinets and doors in the kitchen and bathrooms for the move in/out cleaning. This ensures that every corner of your home is spick and span, ready for you to move in or for the next residents to enjoy.

Man carrying boxes moving in or out

Areas Included in Our Cleaning Services

At Guelph Maids, our professional house cleaning services are designed to cater to your needs. Apart from your chosen number of bathrooms and bedrooms, our cleaning solutions always include one kitchen, one living room, and one dining area.


However, we understand that every home is unique and you may require additional services. This is why we offer customization options. You can add extra rooms, offices, or services to your clean. From inside appliances cleaning, oven cleaning, and hand washing dishes to inside cabinets cleaning and even handling a load of laundry (with a focus on bedding), we’ve got you covered.


We’re committed to delivering superior home cleaning services. With our versatile offerings and a keen eye for detail, we aim to keep your home clean, comfortable, and welcoming.

Living room sofa

The Best Thing We Include: Our Highly Trained Maids

Our services encompass more than just thorough cleaning routines. Yes, we ensure every nook and corner of your home is cleaned to perfection, but what truly sets us apart is our cleaning team. The best thing we include in our services is our dedicated, responsible, and honest maids.


Our maids are not just cleaning professionals; they are custodians of trust and reliability. They understand the nuances of your home, respect your space, and approach their tasks with a level of integrity that’s unmatched. They understand your specific needs, tailoring their service to meet them.


Moreover, each member of our team is highly trained in the best cleaning techniques. They stay updated on the latest industry standards and cleaning methods, which allows us to consistently deliver a superior cleaning experience.

Benefits of hiring our Maid Service in Guelph, Ontario

Hiring maid services is not only a convenient way to keep your home clean, but also a smart investment in your well-being. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional maid service for your home.


  • A cleaner and healthier home: A maid service will use high-quality cleaning supplies and tools to remove dust, dirt, allergens, germs, and other contaminants from your home. This will improve your indoor air quality and reduce the risk of illnesses and allergies.
  • More free time: By hiring a maid service, you can save hours of time that you would otherwise spend on cleaning chores. You can use this time to relax, enjoy your hobbies, spend time with your family and friends, or pursue your goals.
  • Less stress and more happiness: A clean and organized home can have a positive impact on your mood and mental health. You will feel more comfortable, peaceful, and productive in your living space. You will also avoid the stress and frustration of dealing with clutter, messes, and stains.
  • Professional results: Our cleaning professionals has the experience, skills, and knowledge to handle any cleaning task efficiently and effectively. They know how to clean every surface, corner, and crevice of your home with attention to detail. They can also customize their services to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Increased home value: A maid service can help you preserve the condition and appearance of your home by preventing damage, deterioration, and wear and tear. They can also help you prepare your home for sale or rent by making it look spotless and inviting.

When you hire us, you’re not just investing in a clean home – you’re investing in a trustworthy partnership that values your comfort and satisfaction above all else. Don’t forget to check our blog for more and contact our team today to experience the Guelph Maids difference! With us, you’re always in good, clean hands.