Airbnb Cleaning Checklist: A Guide To Keep Your Guests Coming Back

airbnb cleaning checklist

Hi, everyone! Today, we’ve put together this comprehensive Airbnb cleaning checklist for you. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and make sure your property shines!

Being an Airbnb host is more than just listing your property online. It involves providing an experience that’ll make guests want to return or refer your space to their friends. One crucial aspect of creating that unforgettable experience is maintaining a clean, comfortable, and inviting living space. 


The Importance of Cleanliness in Airbnb Hosting

Cleanliness is the foundation of hospitality. It sets the tone for your guests’ stay, and it’s often the factor that influences their reviews. A well-maintained and clean Airbnb not only secures you positive ratings but also increases your chances of becoming a Superhost.

So, how can you ensure that your property is sparkling clean and ready for your next guest? It all starts with an effective Airbnb cleaning checklist.


Understanding Your Guests’ Cleaning Expectations

As an Airbnb host, understanding your guests’ cleaning expectations is vital to providing a memorable and satisfying stay. Different demographics may have varying cleanliness standards, so it’s crucial to be attentive and adaptable.

Pay close attention to guest feedback and reviews to gain valuable insights into their preferences. If you notice any recurring comments or suggestions, use them as guidance to continually improve your cleaning process.

By striving to meet or exceed your guests’ expectations, you’ll create a delightful and welcoming environment that keeps them coming back for more.


Your Comprehensive Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Living Room

  • Dust all surfaces, including shelves, picture frames, and decorative items.
  • Vacuum the floor and mop if it’s a hard surface.
  • Clean the sofa, chairs, and cushions. Vacuum the upholstery if possible.
  • Wipe down the TV, remote control, and other electronics with disinfectant wipes.
  • Clean the windows and ensure the curtains or blinds are dust-free.



  • Clean all appliances like the oven, microwave, and refrigerator.
  • Wipe down countertops, backsplash, and cabinets.
  • Scrub the sink and faucet.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Make sure all dishes are clean and neatly arranged in their places.
  • Empty the garbage bin and replace the bag.



  • Scrub the toilet bowl, seat, and cover.
  • Clean the shower/bathtub and ensure all drains are clear.
  • Wipe the mirror, sink, and countertop.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Replenish bathroom supplies like toilet paper, hand soap, and towels.



  • Wash and change bed linens.
  • Fluff and arrange pillows.
  • Dust bedside tables, headboard, and other furniture.
  • Vacuum the floor, and don’t forget to clean under the bed.
  • Clean the windows and mirrors.
  • Make sure closets are clean and empty, hangers provided.



  • Sweep the patio, deck, or balcony.
  • Clean outdoor furniture.
  • Make sure the entrance is clean and inviting.

Top Cleaning Challenges for Airbnb Hosts and How to Overcome Them

Keeping an Airbnb property spick and span comes with its fair share of challenges. One common hurdle is the quick turnover between guests. To address this, establish a systematic cleaning routine, focusing on high-impact areas like bathrooms and kitchens. We recommend considering enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service during busy periods to ensure efficiency.

Stubborn stains can be a host’s worst nightmare. Tackle them with the appropriate cleaning products and techniques, and don’t forget to spot-test on inconspicuous areas first. For remote hosts, managing cleaning tasks from a distance can be tricky.

Create a detailed cleaning checklist for your cleaner to follow, and leverage technology to stay in communication during the cleaning process.


How to Handle Damage and Wear and Tear

Maintaining the quality of your property over time is essential for its longevity. Regular inspections are key to identifying any wear and tear issues early on. Address minor damages promptly to prevent them from escalating. For significant damages caused by guests, clearly outline your policies in your Airbnb listing and rental agreement.

When it comes to charging guests for damages, transparency is vital. Provide photographic evidence and detailed cost breakdowns to avoid misunderstandings. Additionally, setting a reasonable security deposit can help cover unforeseen damages.

Over time, you may notice the need for an upgrade or renovation. Embrace this as an opportunity to refresh your space and keep it attractive to guests. Renovations can breathe new life into your property and elevate its appeal.


The Importance of Green Cleaning in Your Airbnb

In today’s eco-conscious world, guests increasingly appreciate environmentally friendly practices. Embrace green cleaning to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the well-being of your guests. Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products. Non-toxic, biodegradable products will not only benefit the environment, but it can also create a healthier indoor atmosphere for your guests.

Promote your eco-friendly approach in your listing to attract like-minded travelers. Consider providing recycling bins and information on local green initiatives to encourage responsible guest behavior.

By understanding your guests’ expectations, overcoming cleaning challenges, addressing damages effectively, and embracing green cleaning practices, you can elevate the cleanliness standards of your Airbnb property and ensure your guests have a fantastic and memorable stay.


A Few Extra Hospitality Cleaning Tips

Stick to a Schedule: Regular cleaning is easier than tackling a huge mess. Consider scheduling specific tasks to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Use Quality Cleaning Supplies: Your choice of cleaning supplies can affect the results. Invest in high-quality cleaning tools and eco-friendly products.

Deep Clean Regularly: Beyond your routine cleaning, make sure you deep clean your property regularly. This includes tasks like washing windows, deep cleaning carpets, and descaling faucets.

Don’t Forget the Details: Believe or not, even the smallest details can make a huge difference. Think of things like replacing light bulbs, refilling soap dispensers, or restocking toilet paper.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service: If cleaning isn’t your strong suit or if you’re pressed for time, hiring a professional cleaning service like Guelph Maids can be a game-changer.


In Conclusion

Your Airbnb cleaning checklist is an essential part of providing a memorable guest experience. This step-by-step guide will help you maintain a clean, fresh, and inviting space that is sure to impress your guests.

But if you ever feel overwhelmed with this list, remember, Guelph Maids is here to help. As a trusted cleaning service in Guelph, Ontario, we specialize in Airbnb cleaning and will make sure your property shines for every guest. So, don’t stress. Let us do the cleaning while you focus on providing your guests with the best Airbnb experience.

Ready to impress your guests with a spotlessly clean Airbnb property? Contact us today for professional, reliable, and thorough cleaning services. Your guests will thank you!

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